Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Heart of Gold

When we lost our sixteen-year dog we didn't know if we would ever be ready for a new dog. The tears shed for her were beyond what we ever could imagine. A year after she passed, I happened upon a pet
adoption site and found Echo. There was something in his eyes that made me melt, I knew I had to meet him. The minute I met him, he leaned into me and gave a shy wag of his tail. The shelter filled us
in on Echo's past (abused, a heart condition and a really bad case of kennel cough) but we chose to adopt him with open arms. This shy, sickly little boy has turned out to be the most wonderful dog in the world. We renamed him "Tanner" because he loves to lay on his back in the sun. With a lot of encouragement and a lot of patience, he has left behind his shy, unsure self and has become quite the lethal tail-wagger. Once afraid of every little noise and new sight, he now holds his head and tail high. Everyone who meets him can't help falling for him. We are head over heels for this gentle boy and could never imagine life without him.

Didier Piquet

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