Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rudie is Famous!

 It’s actually one year ago today that we brought home Rudie. I first heard of him through a fellow rescuer who basically said “there’s a deaf, unadoptable Old English Sheepdog” at the pound in DuPage, and they are going to euthanize him.  I grew up with Sheepdogs and my rescue, One Tail at a Time, works with that particular pound so I put a call in.  We found out that he was dropped off by his family with his sister (a pit bull!) and he wasn’t doing well.  He was “aloof” and didn’t care for the volunteers.  I was so nervous of what I would be picking up so I worked with Midwest Old English Sheepdog Rescue that was going to take him.  I got really excited to pick him up and then the day before they called me to tell me he had parvo and not to bother.  They were going to euthanize him the next morning.  I was heartbroken and ready to throw in the towel, but Midwest OES urged me to pick him up anyway.  They were of the mindset that there was no problem that couldn’t be worked out.  I was incredibly inspired and armed with bleach to kill the parvo in the car I drove to pick him up in.

Rudie was the most beautiful monster I have ever seen in my life. Bright blue eyes gorgeous black and white coat and a trot you wouldn’t believe.  Long story short he was not deaf, did not have parvo, and was just depressed that his family left him and his  sister died in the kennel next to him.  Heartbreaking.

He sat in a foster home for 2 months until I couldn’t take it any longer.  I fell in love with that dog the moment I saw him so I picked him up the next day and he has been a part of our family ever since.  We went through hell and back with him.  He largely ignored us for several months.  We couldn’t get him to lose weight and he had no hair on his scraggly tail.  To top it off he was a trash eater and got a hold of a corncob which almost killed him.  $2000 later and he’s still alive, but left with stomach problems that 
plagued us for months.

I’d say about 5 months ago we finally discovered that the source of the problem was a very under active thyroid.  We got him on medication and he is a whole NEW DOG!  He shares his love in the funniest way; thumping his now huge bushy tail on the ground and rubbing his huge head in your lap.  He jumps for joy when it’s time to eat and when he gets excited he jumps on his sister to play.  He loves to sleep, eat, and play with pit bulls (we think they remind him of his sister).  He’s a show stopper and we cannot walk the block without little kids trying to hug him and adults asking us about his bright blue eyes.  He’s mischievous and naughty and I have stories for days.  Our kitchen is spotless because anything left in the kitchen, counters, garbage etc. is fair game.  He is the biggest fluffiest best pillow out there and a great porch sitting partner.  
I could go on, and on and on.

I couldn’t imagine life without him; he’s absolutely the biggest character I have ever met.  Although I had been doing rescue for years prior, Rudie taught me that every dog deserves a chance.

--Heather Owen, One Tail at a Time


  1. Awww Rudie, the sight of you make my face break out in a smile EVER time I see you. Your character is what makes you you, I'm glad you landed in the lap of love and your silly personality and giant head bring joy to everyone around you.

    You are my favourite Chunky Monkey.
    Brenda, your friend from Nova Scotia.

  2. Thank the Sheepie God for people like you!!