Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing Zoe and Company!

I am an Animal Science Grad Student about to start at Mississippi State, however I am originally from San Luis Obispo, CA on the central coast. My most recent dog adoption, a female pit bull named Zoe, was owned by some terrible people. She was chained in a back yard for years with one other pit bull, and was never socialized with people or other dogs. She became both human and dog aggressive, and after biting the landlord of her owner’s rental home, she was evicted. She went to a boarding facility, where the employees fell in love with her, although they could not handle her dog agro issues. Not wanting to send yet another pit bull with dog aggression problems to the pound, they called me knowing I love the breed and have experience working with pit bulls. It took me about four months of challenging and consistent work, but with the help of my lab pit bull mix, we got "Zoe" rehabilitated. She passed her Canine Good Citizen Test through AKC 6 months after I adopted her, and is now a working therapy dog and is completely dog and human social. I got the opportunity to be on Dog Whisperer and watch Cesar Milan in person when my best friend's dog was on the show, and I accredit a lot of his teaching and support for the breed for my success with such a challenging dog.

Thanks for loving an amazing breed of dog!
Meryl Cohen

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