Thursday, September 2, 2010

"We've gone pittie and won't go back!"

My husband is a blue-collar guy who has never had a dog in his life. I'm a corporate executive who has rescued a couple of greyhounds. When we married, we bought our home in a normal family oriented neighborhood and fell in love with it, because of its large fenced in backyard.  We were pretty close to being your typical suburban yuppies. We weren't going to have kids so we decided to adopt a dog - never even considering going to a breeder because “breeder” is not in my vocabulary.  I started researching dogs and, to my dismay, my husband fell in love with the look of the pit bull. “Forget their media background and my lack of dog experience,” my husband reasoned, “they are a strong, sturdy, beautiful breed with little shedding, great loyalty and a large adoptable population.”  I, however, thanks the media hype, wasn't sold.  We looked at a dozen or so different dogs including a couple pitties. The last dog they brought in to meet us was this little black pittie named Luda, short for Ludacris. She ran into the room and, instead of wrestling with the pile of toys like I assumed she would, she nestled right into my lap and smiled gently at me with her soft brown eyes.  SOLD!!!!

After adopting Luda, we went through training, got her into a doggie daycare and spent a lot of time researching and learning more about the breed. As our research deepened, we learned more and more about the horrible things this breed is likely to encounter, including the injustice of the media. Who could ever damage a dog like that?! As our search for more information continued, we met Bombshell Bullies at a pet expo and the real education started.

To make a long love story short… this, “not so hip on adopting a pit bull suburbanite yuppie,” not only owns a pit bull, but now fosters, does public speaking on BSL, advocates for them, educates people about the breed, does fundraisers, press releases, works at the kennel, etc.  A bigger convert there could not be!! And we’ve had a lot of hurdles to overcome, particularly in our neighborhood and with my husbands side of the family, but "we've gone pittie and won't go back!"

So that's our story. I thank you for what you are doing to educate people on the breed and give them more positive exposure. 

Kim Brunner-Ashbaugh, Bombshell Bullies


  1. Thank you for all that you are doing .. there can never be enough PIT BULL EDUCATORS or ADVOCATES out there !! CJ -Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement Inc

  2. Love hearing your story. Glad you opened your eyes beyond the media and learned the same lesson my Princess Fiona taught me. The media is there to sell, period. From being a nearly homebound "no way will I have one of THOSE dogs, I'm now the proud owner of a American Pit Bull Service Dog in training, who can get out and lead a more normal life.

  3. While I have heard all the negative media hype about pits, We have also experienced the opposite. When Apollo was rescued, he was featured, not as a menace, but as a victim of human abuse. His breed was mentioned, but the point of the news story was the horror he had endured and the point that his abuser was going to jail.

  4. congratulations on finding the love of your life...

  5. This is one of the best stories I have ever read. Keep up the positive work for this breed. If I could afford to feed another I would have another one. :-)

  6. This is fantastic :)

    I'm a long-time dog-lover who had been dogless for twenty-some-odd years. I finally convinced my never-having-owned-a-dog husband that I needed a dog - I found the perfect dog a few weeks later. He was completely dismayed that it was a pitbull.... but, he decided to meet the mutt anyway on m insistence.

    He fell in love.

    Fast-forward a year and we are both extremely vocal about BSL, educating folks about the pitbull truths, politically active...

  7. Awwsome! I love it! Love is the way...