Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Juliet

I rescued a dog from a shelter in August 2009 and little did we that she would save our family! Her name is Juliet and she is a wonderful and loving poodle/schnauzer mix. This is our story:

I have two children with ADHD and a spouse who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and 
Depression. Due to these medical issues, our lives ban be very stressful, emotional and chaotic! Once
we brought Juliet home, our lives changed for the better. She has brought us so much joy! I can honestly say that she has somehow magically taught us to become more patient with each other. She has reduced our stressful lives immensely! My husband is happier and calmer and I believe it is because of Juliet! The look she gives you just takes away your pain and stress. My children are more patient and understanding. When we first brought Juliet home she was afraid of my husband and showed some signs of possible abuse in her past. Well now, my husband and Juliet and inseparable, and yes, she even shares a spot on our bed. They have such a wonderful bond that I cannot describe! He truly needed Juliet's smiling eyes and leaps of happiness. Our house is now filled with smiled and laughter and a much less stressful life thanks to Juliet.

Thanks for reading!
--Amalia Cahue

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