Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fancy Goes Home

Fancy, a Greyhound and American pit bull terrier mix, walked timidly into our admissions lobby confused and on edge. She could sense the taught energy in the air and was unsure about what to expect. After over a year of devotion, loyalty and companionship to her family, her owners decided that they had too many pets and simply couldn’t care for Fancy any longer.

With a gentle goodbye and pat of the head, the leash was handed over to the AHS admissions staff member on duty. Fancy was hesitant to follow this new person, but was comforted by a soft voice and reassured to continue along.

"After spending 30 days in the shelter, Fancy became a member of the exclusive 'Lonely Hearts' club"
After some brief petting and prodding, Fancy was placed gently into a kennel. She sniffed around, examining the new and unfamiliar smells and objects, gathering as much information as she could about this new place. Although the walls around her thundered and echoed with barks and whines, Fancy sensed that she was in no immediate danger, so scratched at the towel and cuddled up against a stuffed toy to lay down and rest.

As the days passed by, Fancy greatly looked forward to the few times a day she got to go on her walks with staff and volunteers. The kennels would erupt in barks and cries whenever a new face or voice arrived, since this was a chance for a treat, a pet through the kennel bars, or maybe even a walk with the new people.

Fancy noticed that new dogs would come and go around her, getting acquainted each time with the new sounds and smells. She wondered where the dogs went to and hoped she would find out herself one day. Fancy posed for some stunning photographs to better showcase her beautiful character, and was featured in local media channels. She liked posing for her picture, so long as she could be close to the staff and volunteers when doing so. She loved any time with human companions she could get.

After being in her new home for 30 days, an adoptions counselor placed a special note on her kennel, denoting she was now a member of the exclusive 'Lonely Hearts' club. She had a bright red bandana tied around her neck to showcase her lovely coat and her adoption fee reduced from $100 to only $35. 

Fancy became a favorite of the AHS staff and volunteers, often spending time up front behind the adoptions desk and even learning some more advanced training commands. Her loving and charismatic personality attracted lots of smiles and pets and Fancy loved the extra attention!

A second month passed, and Fancy longed more and more for time with people. One Sunday afternoon, a family arrived at the shelter looking for a Labrador Retriever. The couple and their son, Andrew, were looking for a dog that would be a companion for him and a new loving and well-mannered addition to the family. After making their way through the kennels and not finding a connection, they headed for the door with plans to return soon.

On their way out, the adoption counselor asked if they found a pet to adopt. When they said no, the adoption counselor mentioned Fancy’s name and that her disposition fit the type of dog they described they were looking for.

 "Fancy is now the heart of her new family"

Thankful for the help, but cautious about adopting a Pit Bull mix, they were led back into the kennels to meet Fancy.

After some brief pets through the kennel bars and enthusiastic wiggles from Fancy, they decided to spend some more time with her outside the kennel in the 'get acquainted' room. Fancy was beside herself with excitement, but restrained in manner, cuddling up to Andrew and soliciting pets from the adults, Andie and Robbie.

That was it. The family was hooked, line and sinker. They found her sweet personality impossible to resist and fell in love with her in minutes. It was finally Fancy's lucky day. She was going home!

Fancy is now at the heart of her new family, living a pampered lifestyle. You can find her most mornings sleeping at the foot of Andrew’s bed or huddled in the middle of all the children after a sleep-over. Her new mom, Andie, says she is "the sweetest dog ever and such a great companion for Andrew." 

"We couldn't get a photograph of Fancy by herself,
as she was glued to Andrew's side"

 When we visited Fancy in her new home for this story, we couldn't get a photograph of her by herself, as she is glued to Andrew's side. Not such a bad problem to have! And she even has a new pink and rhinestone collar to match her 'fancy' name.

Fancy's friends at the Arizona Humane Society are thrilled that she finally found a family and is living the "cushy lifestyle" every dog dreams of. There are dogs just like Fancy at both of our sheltersthat are waiting to find their forever faithful friend. If you are looking for a four-legged pal to have an everlasting friendship with then visit one of our shelters and make a dog's day

(This story was shared with us by the caring people at the Arizoan Humane Society.) 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Midgy Moo the Rocket Dog

Midge came into my life when she was 7 months old. At 4 months she was run over by a car. Someone brought her in and through the kindness and generosity of volunteers, she was nursed back to health.

Due to the nature of her injuries she had no hip joints and her hind legs were reconstructed with pins & screws. That never slowed her down when Midge, the ROCKET DOG, would chase the ball, and chase the ball, and chase the ball, and chase the ball... She was the perfect companion for someone like myself who has had arthritis for the last 25 years. She was a constant reminder that the only thing limiting yourself is yourself. She knew no limits.

We were fortunate to take her traveling to various places where she could walk, run, hike, swim and play in the snow.

On February 1, 2010, we said goodbye to our Midgy Moo. It wasn't a car that got her when she was a pup, it was lymphoma after she brought me 10 years of inspiration.

She is survived by our husky mix, Penny, our 2 cats, Whitey & Mary, my loving wife who came into Midge's life 7 years ago and was very attached to her, Nelly, and my 2 sons, Tony & Scott.

I would like to give a special thanks to Kiki who was Midge's foster mom and who was one of the individuals who helped make her a part of my family's life.


(This story was shared with us by the caring people at Arizona Humane Society.)