Friday, September 10, 2010

85 Pound Bundle of Love

In April of 2009, the officers of the Watertown, N.Y. Police Department rescued two dogs from a closet with their mouths tied shut with rubber bands. These wonderful, compassionate officers tried to cut off the rubber bands before they even got to a vet. One of the dogs, a 4-month-old pit mix was featured on the local TV station. My family, like most people, were horrified at his swollen, bleeding muzzle, but were glad he was rescued. About a month later, on my mother's birthday (she was a woman who loved dogs), my daughter and I were at the local dog pound, just looking around. In the end kennel was a small, scared pup with two rings around his mouth. When asked what the marks were, we were informed he was one of the "rubber band dogs". When my daughter asked to see him, he climbed in her lap, put his head on her shoulder, and sighed, as if to say, "I've been waiting for you. What took you so long?" Apollo (named for the sun god, because he'll never be in the dark, alone, scared and bleeding again) has been with us ever since. Apollo is now an 85-pound bundle of love. Apollo holds nothing against humans for the abuse he suffered. He may have scars on his muzzle, but none on his heart. Some people are afraid of him because of his breed. At a high school football game, the woman at the entrance asked if his scars were from dog fighting. When informed how Apollo got them, she bent over to pet him. Apollo put his front feet on the table, extended his paw, and shook hands with the woman. He made an immediate friend, and scored one against the conception of "vicious pit bulls". Apollo lives with two other dogs--so much for the idea that pits are always dog aggressive. My vet believes that rescue dogs know they are lucky and are actually even more loving and affectionate than other dogs. I hope people will consider rescuing their next best friend. I am thankful everyday that Apollo adopted us. This is a picture of Apollo soon after his first birthday.

--Elaine Murray


  1. pitties are amazing.
    they forgive so much
    they just want to love
    i have had my 'babe' for 12 years
    and she is a shining example of pure joy

  2. He is absolutely stunning. So handsome! And what a sweet face; how could anyone be scared of such a sweet face?