Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bella, the blue/red spoiled pit from Lawrenceville, GA

One day, my mom and I decided we wanted a dog. We talked about it for several weeks and finally decided one weekend to go look for a new pup. We went to the SPCA and went straight to their dog room. When we opened the door, all of the dogs went crazy... they were barking and jumping in their crates in hopes of being picked. The first dog we looked at was just too hyper for us so we went back inside looking for another. In one crate, there was a puppy just lying down looking at us. She was the only one out of all the dogs to just lay there while people were in the room. As soon as I saw her I decided that she was the one I wanted.

We were told she had been rescued from a fighting ring in GA and had been held in isolation for a few months with her sister because they had ringworm. When I realized she was a Pit I was a little skeptical but decided to give her a chance. I am SO glad I gave her that chance! She is my baby and I couldn't imagine her not being with me. She loves everyone and everything. I swear she thinks she's a human. At the park, she'd rather walk amongst the people than play with the dogs. When she goes to the vet she just jumps right onto the table. She is just so friendly!

 We love her and the breed so much my boyfriend decided to rescue a Pit from a kill shelter. (This is funny because he told me I was crazy for getting a Pit and that she would bite my face off!) They both have become ambassadors for the breed. They are changing the minds of ignorant people against the breed one day at a time...


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  1. I am so grateful for your story! I wish my beloved pit bull would also jump on the vet's table. That's fantastic! The vet's one place she doesn't like!