Monday, October 18, 2010


This girl is wonderful.  She is my foster baby.

Sweet Riley came into the pound as a stray on 10/7.  On 10/8, a For the Dogs rescue volunteer took her out of her cage to be walked and it was discovered she had a dislocated hip.  This poor girl was in a lot of pain and had been that way for an unknown amount of time.  For the Dogs Rescue took her immediately to the vet.  The vet attempted to put the hip back into place, but was unsuccessful so she was referred to another vet.  After a long weekend of being medicated for pain Riley got her chance at a better life.  She was evaluated for surgery and scheduled the same day.  She is now in my care and this girl is full of kisses and snuggles in spite of how she feels.   For the Dogs rescue is desperately in need of donations help to cover her surgery.  As with most rescue organizations, the money that comes in is far less than goes out.  If you can help her please go to her chip in site and donate.  Once Riley is all healed she will be available for adoption.

Amber Blackburn

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