Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lily-A hazel eyed fawn colored wonderful best friend! from New Jersey

We were living in Brooklyn at the time, on a gorgeous tree lined brownstone block. As we did everyday at 5 PM when I got home from work, Lily and I went on our usual walk around they neighborhood so she could greet all of her friends. Lee, the green grocer who would save bacon from the morning breakfast crowd and give it to Lily on our afternoon stroll and the Pizza guy Marty who would run out and greet her everyday as we walked by. Nothing really out of the ordinary. As we started walking back down our block, we passed our neighbors Laurie & Lynn and their adopted 3-year-old son, Jack. We stopped and chatted, Jack patted Lily on the head, she in return licked his face. Jack had been diagnosed with Autism and Laurie and Lynn had been working with him on his motor skills lately and were having a difficult time with him walking. As we were chatting, Jack grabbed Lily's leash and began to pull at her leash like you would a horse. I held Lily by the collar as Jack continued to laugh and talk to Lily and I talked with Lynn and Laurie. At that moment Jack began to pat my hand and sound the words "Go Go" to me, so I asked him if he wanted to walk Lily. He smiled and bounced up and down, so I thought I would walk him with him holding her leash with me still holding her collar. Not sure if she would run or pull, being she was 4 years old and over 70 pounds. So I petted Lily and said, "Gentle Easy" and off we went. We took about two steps and then Lily did the most amazing thing, she looked back and saw that it was Jack holding her leash and begin to walk one Paw at a time! I could not believe it! It was almost as she was going in slow motion. Lynn, Laurie and I begin to stare and gasp in amazement. Not sure if what we were seeing was true I let Lily's collar go and off they went down the block! Needless to say we all broke down crying.  It was the first time Jack had been able to take steps on his own. Suffice to say Jack just needed the right teacher and found it in Lily and from that day on until the end of summer Jack, Laurie, Lynn and I took Lily on her "usual" daily walks. We have now moved to New Jersey but every once in awhile Lily will receive a picture or treats in the mail from her friend Jack. And on occasion when we are in Brooklyn, we stop and see Jack and he greets her with a big hug and a kiss every time and she in return.

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