Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fifty the two-legged pitbull

"On a Wednesday this past June my friend Sue, proud mother of a tripod pittie named Trio and founder of the Trio Animal Foundation, told me about a handsome boy named Fifty. He has two and a half legs she says and you have got to read his story. I looked him up, watched his video, and by the end of that week he was mine. In 2007 Fifty and his sister Bella (a shepherd/pit mix) were happily living in Berwyn with their family when a horrible accident occured and Fifty was shot by a police officer. In both legs. For no real reason other than being a pitbull. After two amputations he is now healed but his family lost their home and Fifty and Bella went into a shelter. Illinois Doberman Rescue (plus!) took him in November 2009 and a lovely woman named Julie fostered him until the day he came into my life. (Bella found a home through my dog rescue!) I could not be more thankful to be the proud mama of this little nugget. He has no idea whatsoever that he is "differently-abled" and lives his life like any other dog. All he ever wants to do is run around with his brother Red and chase his little sister Izzy. Despite what you may have heard about pitties, this one is not so tough - he is a total mama's boy who does not leave my side. 

 And he is famous! Everyone knows Fifty, whether they are here by us in Chicago or out in California. The dog rescue I am with, One Tail at a Time, recently started a fundraising campaign to help me raise the money to pay for his prosthetic limb (yes, he will be a three-legged, bionic tripod in the near future!) and people from all over have been chipping in. He really brings people together and shows the good side of the human spirit. Things sure have changed since this boy came into my life - we gets a lot of stares, and questions, and even sympathy - but trust me, he's doing more than fine!  

Fifty keeps a blog about the fun things he gets to do, his physical therapy, and now the process of him getting a new leg. Check it out @ http://fitythepitty.blogspot.com/ " He was also chosen for this year's Gutter Dog Project by artist Margie Glass-Sula, so check out her blog too to see how amazing she is helping these dogs - http://thegutterdogsproject.blogspot.com/"

-Kelly Nichole Michael, One Tail at a Time


  1. AWESOME DOG! The cops should be paying for his prosthetic limb. Pits are the most awesome pups ever!

  2. Of all the wonderful dogs I have painted "Fifty" has captivated me with his uniqueness like no other!