Tuesday, January 11, 2011


All my life I wanted a dog but my parents never gave in. So when I was 27 and had the means and lifestyle to properly care for a dog, I went down to the St. Petersburg Animal Services with my boyfriend and niece (who would have to approve of any dog I got). Even though I've always wanted a furry friend, this was an impulsive decision.

There were so many dogs to choose from that day. But Achilles reminded my boyfriend of a pitbull he was forced to put down at the Humane Society he had worked at for years due to advanced heartworm (RIP Snow Bear). Initially, the guard let us see him and told us all the traditional warnings about pitbulls (home owners insurance, etc.) but then she basically suggested that we would need to be abusive to control him. I blew her off but my niece was now scared to touch Achilles.

Luckily, one of the caretakers came out and saw Achilles. She raved about him...told us he was her favorite and took him out first every morning because he didn't potty in his cage. She gave us a couple tips on his specific tendencies and we had to have him. Plus, he was 50% off...15 whole dollars. ;-) We had to wait a few days to get him fixed but we loved him immediately. It took a few months for him to love us back...he's one of those stubborn, independent types.
I can honestly say that getting Achilles is one of the best things that has every happened to our family!!


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